Make your Own Web Scraper and RPA - Web bots

My name is Arnaud Degardin I'm an Entrepreneur and web developer in Italy (i'm not working for Google :-( ... ) But basically I've been focused on browser automation to automate web-marketing in my company using with web crawler in javascript, (PhantomJs) or Firefox (SlimmerJs) and TagUI.  Now I would like to share my knowledge with you...

Automate Everything with web bots! 

This actually made my life easier! ;-)

As any RPA system (Robotic Process Automation) I can automate everthings...Browser and any Desktop Application. I can put headless Chrome + Tagui on a server or on my PC and do really interesting things... with that we'll talk a little bit how to do that lots of really cool and powerful things you can do with headless chrome.

---> Get TagUI_Editor:

Chrome is running your code in background!

You can see it in the taskbar there but there's really literally no UI chrome ...
It's chrome without chrome so to speak it's "headless" chrome all of us have already installed on our computer!

If you want to launch chrome in headless mode it's just a one line command line flag so - - headless
launches chrome without a UI, simple!

You can take screenshots or print to a PDF or scrap information or enter data in fields, or click on button...

The goodness that's coming the way we can finally write apps and test those apps because with TagUI it will be easier to code for Headless Automation.

TagUI really SIMPLE, you don't need to learn PhantomJs (or SlimmerJs) !

TagUI was created by Ken Soh from Singapore... and it's now maintain by AI Singapore. It permits you to write your web-bots in a simplified "human" language... and you launch it easily from the command line or Batch file (.bat), as a windows or apple application...

Headless chrome and TagUI are awesome also because you can integrate it with other powerful applications: API's, SQL database, Python, R, Sikuli... for visual automation, Machine learning, Data interpretation...etc

I think it could change your business forever because you can create as many as web-robots as you want!

You Want to know more about web crawler Free???
I wrote a little book for Beginners.
It will change your Business Life!

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