Auto-responder bot for (or other ads website)

I present you a Robot script which will looking for new ads for jobs or something else and send SMS for each one.


If you have the necessity to control each day new ads on different websites and respond to each new ads, this robot is for you.


I.e. how can you answer by SMS to all new job offers on website?

The robot needs to "visit" each ads one by one, click on "show phone number" when it is present, scrap the phone number and send SMS throught SMS Gateway provider.


We will use a Tagui scripts which are very easy to anderstand (and modify) because language is "natural". Also we will use Rest api PHP  script which send SMS throught Skebby Gateway. Then you will schedule the bot execution on your desktop / Workstation with Windows Task or z-cron.

How to install the script?

1. If you didn't done it before: install Tagui one your computer : se the Github Repo. or my blog post (italian) or this youtube video

2.  Copy and save the "subitautoresponder" tagui code in new file (with the same name)
- Download the code here.
- Adapt it the code to your target (change the ads search URL in the rows: 1 and 73)

3. Run the code in your Powershell: write "tagui subitoautoresponder" in command line to run it headless (without visualization) or with visualization: "tagui subitoautoresponder chrome"

4. To launch it each days or each hours: simply create the "subitoautoresponder.bat" file and schedule it with z-cron (or windows task scheduler). Put this code to the bat file:

@echo off
tagui subitoannuncipriv

Let me know if you have some troubles.


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